Boards & Committees

This page lists all of the Town’s Boards and Committees. These groups are comprised of Chester residents who have volunteered their time and experience to help improve our community. Joining one of these groups is a great way to get involved and to have your opinion heard.

Board of Selectmen: (603) 887-4979

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Agricultural Commission: (603) 887-4979

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Budget Committee:  (603) 887-6719

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Conservation Commission:  (603) 887-3719

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Great Hill Cemetery Board of Trustees:  (603) 887-3546

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Highway Safety Committee: (603) 887-2080

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Joint Loss Management Committee:  (603) 887-2080

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Planning Board: (603) 887-5629

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Public Access Community & Television (PACT)

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School Board:  (603) 887-3621

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Solid Waste & Recycling Committee:  (603) 887-5629

» See the Transfer Station information page

Spring Hill Farm Board of Trustees:  (603) 887-3719

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Strategic Land Protection Committee:  (603) 887-3719

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Supervisors of the Checklist:  (603) 887-4344

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Trustees of the Trust Funds:  (603) 887-4161

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Village Cemetery Board of Trustees:  (603) 505-1123

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Wason Pond Conservation and Recreation Commission:  (603) 887-3719

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Zoning Board of Adjustment: (603) 887-4343

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