Boards & Committees

This page lists all of the Town’s Boards and Committees. These groups are comprised of Chester residents who have volunteered their time and experience to help improve our community. Joining one of these groups is a great way to get involved and to have your opinion heard.

Board of Selectmen: (603) 887-4979

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Planning Board: (603) 887-5629

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School Board:

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Budget Committee:

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Supervisors of the Checklist:  (603) 887-4344

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Zoning Board of Adjustment: (603) 887-4343

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Agricultural Commission: (603) 887-4979

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Conservation Commission:

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Highway Safety Committee: (603) 887-2080

The Highway Safety Committee meets at 1:00 PM in the Meeting Room at 84 Chester Street.

Police Chief Aaron Berube
(603) 887-2080

Joint Loss Management Committee

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Public Access Community & Television (PACT)

An appointed group of individuals who represent Public & Government Access Television, CTV-21, Educational Television, CEVT-22, and residents, formerly known as the Cable Negotiations Committee (ad hoc). This group meets as needed to review the needs of Public Access Television, and recommend expenditures from the PACT fund (monies received from Adelphia Communications per the renewal franchise effective April 1, 2003).
Joseph Castricone
Dick Trask, Selectman Liaison

Board of Selectmen’s Office: 887-4979.

School District Future Planning Committee:

Assists School Board in long range planning for future school needs, especially monitoring school enrollment numbers.
NEW 2005 School District Annual Report
For the 2005-2006 school year, the FPC projected 728 total students for Chester Academy in Pre-School through 8th grade. The actual enrollment on October 3, 2005 was 693. So the actual enrollment was below the projections by 35 students…

Solid Waste & Recycling:

Board of Selectmen’s Office: 887-4979.

Strategic Land Protection: (603) 887-4979

Board of Selectmen’s Office: 887-4979.

Wason Pond Conservation and Recreation Commission

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In January of 2003, the Town of Chester purchased (with conservation funds) 105 acres of land surrounding Wason Pond for mixed conservation and recreational uses. A seven-person advisory committee oversaw the writing of the conservation easement, which has been placed on the property to protect it from future development or from activities or uses that would be out of keeping with accepted conservation practices. The ciommittee also hired E. Ann Poole to draft a Master Plan for the property. This Plan outlines the development of ball fields, the reclamation and restoration of the shorelines, wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive areas. Once this committee had completed its tasks, it was disbanded and replaced by the Wason Pond Conservation and Recreation Commission.