Budget Committee

The duties of the Budget Committee are to prepare the budget for each annual or special Town meeting and School District meeting; to confer with the governing bodies, department heads, and other officials, relative to estimated expenses, revenues, and services preformed to the extent deemed necessary by the Budget Committee; to conduct the public hearings required under RSA 32:5,I, and to forward copies of the final budgets to the clerk, and the governing body. For more detailed information on the duties, please see RSA 32:16.

Contact Information

Michael A. Weider (2020), Chairman 887-6719 weider@gsinet.net
Rhonda Lamphere (2018), Vice Chairman 887-0321 rlamphere@comcast.net
Brian Shankey (2018) brianshankey@yahoo.com
Chuck Heuer (2018) 490-8239 chucklt@gsinet.net
Becky Owens (2020)  beckybco@yahoo.com
Mike Romick, ex-officio, School Board 887-6126 MichaelRomick@chesteracademy.org
Dick Trask, ex-officio, Board of Selectmen 887-4979 dick.trask@outlook.com


The nine member official Budget Committee was formed at the Annual Town Meeting in 2005. The seven members at-large were appointed by the Town Moderator for a one year term. At the next Town elections, seven members were elected by the voters. The ex-officio members were appointed by the Board they represent.


The Budget Committee meets on the third Monday of each month from September to June, with additional meetings during budget preparation time as needed. All Budget Committee meetings are open to the public. Regular monthly meetings will be televised on Channel 20. Workshops are open to the public, but are not televised.

Meeting Agenda


Meeting Minutes


03/20/2017 – Minutes still in draft form

03/13/2017 – Minutes still in draft form

03/06/2017 – Minutes still in draft form

02/27/2017 – Minutes still in draft form

02/20/2017 – Minutes still in draft form

02/13/2017 – No Meeting

BC Minutes February 6 2017 – Approved

BC Minutes January 30 2017 – Approved

BC Minutes January 26 2017 – Approved

BC Minutes January 16 2017 – Approved

BC Minutes January 9 2017 – Approved

01/02/2017 – No Meeting

BC Minutes December 12 2016 – Approved

BC Minutes October 17 2016 – Approved