Planning Board

Chester Planning Department

Phone Number:  (603) 887-5629


Mailing Address:  84 Chester Street, Chester, NH 03036

Planning Coordinator:  Andrew Hadik

Planning Board Members:
Brian Sullivan, Chairman
Evan Sederquest, Vice Chairman
Liz Richter, Member
Richard Snyder, Member
Michael Weider, Member
Aaron Hume, Alternate
Alternate – Position Open
Cass Buckley, Selectman Ex-Officio

Meeting Schedule:  The Planning Board meets on the first, second, and fourth Wednesday of the month at 7:00 P.M. in the main conference room of the Chester Town Hall at 84 Chester Street.

Meeting Agendas:  (Please note meeting agendas are subject to changes.)  

 05-03-17 Meeting Cancelled
 Upcoming Meetings:  05-10-17
 05-24-17 PB Draft Agenda

Public Hearing Notices:

 05-24-17 Public Hearing – Hazelton & Amendments & Pipit Estates

Upcoming Significant Public Hearings:

 05-24-17 Proposed Amendments to Site Plan Review & Subdivision Regulations
 05-24-17 Public Hearing – Shattigee Scenic Road

Chester Age-Friendly Community Assessment Session:  4-4-17

In cooperation with SNHPC, the Tufts Foundation and AARP, the Town hosted a community assessment and discussion session to examine potential opportunities to make Chester a more age-friendly community for people of all ages, from millennials to seniors.  The session was be held at Stevens Hall on April 4, 2017.  Besides Town residents, members of the Police and Fire Departments, Building Inspector’s office, Buildings & Maintenance, Library, Conservation Commission, Planning & Zoning Boards, and Chester Cable TV were in attendance.

Out of the discussion a number of key concerns emerged.  These include the ability of Town seniors to stay in Town by downsizing to senior-friendly (and affordable) housing, the lack of a transportation network for seniors and other residents, and the ability of the children of residents to find affordable housing in Town after they graduate from high school or college.

Please keep posted for a follow up session sometime in the next few months.

 Age Friendly Initiative Poster

Miscellaneous Documents:

  2016 Planning Board Annual Report
 Road Summary

Plans for Pending Subdivisions or Site Plan Reviews:

(Note:  Please see the Assessing Department web page for links to PDFs of the Town’s tax maps.)

 Coming soon:  Crowley Woods (accessed via Crowley Road in Candia.)
 Coming Soon:  Pipit Estates (accessed off Route 121-A / Sandown Road.)

Plans for Approved Subdivisions Still Under Construction:

 Babin Subdivision – M&L 5-111 – Lots 101 thru 104
 Buxton Estates Subdivision – M&L 3-5 – Lots 1 thru 12
  Cedar View Estates Subdivision – M&L 8-71, 8-8, 8-57 – Lots 1 thru 18
 Dion Subdivision – M&L 2-49 – Lots 1 & 2
  Isaac Foss Subdivision – M&L 9-12 – Lots 1 thru 9
 JEMCO Subdivision – M&L 9-46 – Lots 0 thru 3 Final Plans
 JEMCO Subdivision – M&L 9-47 – Lots 0 thru 3 Final Plans
 Jenkins Farm Subdivision – M&L 2-88 – Lots 1 thru 62
 Mill Pine Village Subdivision – M&L 10-1
 Southwoods Subdivision – Phase II – M&L 1-76 – 20 Units
 Towle Subdivision – M&L 9-19 – Lots 3 & 4
 Villages at Chester Subdivision – M&L 11-11 – 40 Units
 Wilcombs Way Subdivision – M&L 6-12 – Lots 1 thru 6 

Approved Site Plans

 GBN Composting Facility – M&L 13-1 – Amended Site Plan – Draft

2017 to 2024 Capital Improvements Program (CIP)

The Board has finished updating the Town’s CIP.  Below is a link to the newly adopted version.  Please note the CIP is intended as a financial planning tool and guide for Town Department Heads, the Board of Selectmen and the Budget Committee.  The different projects and costs in the CIP can be amended, reprioritized, or even tabled at future public hearings.  The objective now is to update the CIP annually at public hearings held every fall, just prior to “budget season.”

 Chester CIP – 2017 to 2024  01-11-17
 Chester CIP – 2016 to 2023  04-28-16

If you have questions about the CIP, please view the presentation on Channel 20, the presentation slides, or the Board’s meeting minutes at the links below.  If you have any additional questions, please contact us at the email address above.

 CIP Presentation Slides  04-08-16

New 2015 Master Plan – Adopted 12/9/2015

The Board would like to thank the many citizens who met with us to provide their vision for the future of the Town of Chester.  This vision was used by the Board as the guide for updating the Master Plan.

 2015 Chester Master Plan Update

2016 Newly Adopted or Updated Impact Fees

 Chester School Impact Fee Report – Newly Adopted 09-07-16
 Chester Library Impact Fees – Newly Adopted 09-28-16
 Chester Police & Fire Impact Fees – Update Adopted 09-28-16
 Chester Recreation Impact Fees – Update Adopted 09-28-16
 Chester Traffic Impact Fees – Update Adopted 10-26-16
 Chester Municipal Buildings Impact  Fees – Newly Adopted 10-26-16

Collection & Expenditure of CIP Funds & Impact Fees etc.

 Collection and Expenditure of Impact Fees, CIP Capital Reserve Funds, and Offsite Improvement Fees 02-23-17

2017 Proposed Zoning Amendments

 Proposed Zoning Warrant Articles on the 2017 Ballot – Finalized
 2017 Proposed Zoning Amendments – Articles 4 6 10 – Finalized Details
 2017 Proposed Zoning Amendment – Article 14 – Finalized Details

2017 Proposed Amendments to Subdivision & Site Plan Review Regulations

 Subdivision 2.2.16 – Applicant – Draft
 Subdivision 4.1.22 & Topographic Datum – Draft
 Subdivision Geometric Street Standards – Draft
 Subdivision 4.7.5 Hydrologic Calculation Methods – Draft
 Subdivision 6.5 & 6.6 Recording of Documents – Draft
 Site Plan Review 6.6 & 6.7 Recording of Documents – Draft
 Site Plan Review 7.2.1 & 7.2.11 Driveways
 Site Plan Review 7.7 Performance & Maintenance Guarantee – Draft
 Site Plan Review 7.15 As-Built Plans – Draft
 Site Plan Review 7.19 Special Flood Hazard Areas – Draft
 Site Plan Review A.1.11 Geometric Street Standards – Draft
 Site Plan Review B Cisterns for Fire Suppression – Draft
 Site Plan Review C.3.4 & C.3.5 Hydrology Calculation Methods – Draft

2016 Zoning Amendments – Passed 5/10/2016

 Article 4.4 – Signs
 Article 5.6 – Flood Plain
 Article 6.12.2 & .3 – Open Space
 Article 9 – Accessory Dwelling Units
 Supportive Amendments for Article 9 – Articles & 11.4

Ordinances & Regulations – FAQs

  Impact Fees – Updated and finalized 10-26-16
 Zoning Table 1 – Dimensional & Area Requirements
 Zoning Table 2 – Setback & No Clearing Buffer Zones

Ordinances & Regulations

 Zoning Map
 Building Code
 Driveway Regulations
 Excavation and Reclamation Regulations
 Site Plan Review Regulations
 2015 Subdivision Regulations
 Subdivision Regulations Performance Guarantee – Updated 12.9.15
 Zoning Ordinance w 2016 Amendments
 Road Acceptance Policy – Updated 01.26.17

Other Documents

 2016 NHES Summary of Chester
 Source Water Protection


2017 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

 Planning Board Minutes 04.12.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 04.05.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.29.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.22.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.08.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.01.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 02.22.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 02.08.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 02.01.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 01.25.17 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 01.11.17 Final


2016 Planning Board Meeting Minutes

 Planning Board Minutes 12.21.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 12.07.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 11.30.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 11.16.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 11.09.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 10.26.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 10.12.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 10.05.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 09.28.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 09.21.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 09.07.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 08.10.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 07.13.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 06.22.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 06.08.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 06.01.16 Final
Planning Board Minutes 05.25.16 Final
Planning Board Minutes 05.06.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 04.27.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 04.20.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 04.13.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 04.06.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.30.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.23.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.09.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 03.02.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 02.24.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 02.10.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 02.03.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 01.27.16 Final
 Planning Board Minutes 01.13.16 Final