300th Anniversary Committee

300th Anniversary Committee:  (603) 887-3738

On June 27, 2016, the 300th Committee met for the first time.  A short introduction and the members went right to work.  A whole host of ideas were discussed on how to include the Town on a variety of committees.  It is expected to have twenty-five separate committees with many members to make the celebration a successful one.  The event will begin in October 2021 with a year full of events and activities until the fall of 2022 when the Town Fair is held.  We hope to have events such as Firemen’s muster, banquet, house tours, pageant, parade, possibly costume ball, cemetery walks, entertainment, and many more items were discussed.

We will be facing many challenges, especially with five other towns that are going to celebrate their 300th Anniversary that same year.  Jean Methot was invited to meet with the Town of Londonderry 300th Committee to discuss coordination with them on their celebration in order not to compete for the same resources.  Nottingham will be forming their committee this year and hopefully we can also coordinate with them.

We are having a 300th Anniversary Logo Contest with a prize of $300.00 given for the best logo which will be selected by the Committee.  We can then proceed to get buttons, t-shirts, banners, posters, coins, letterhead, and rubber stamps, just to name a few items.

We are looking for help in beautifying the Town of Chester with planting daffodils all over town.  The Town of Atkinson started last year by planting over 18,000 bulbs in one weekend.  The Town of Dunbarton has planted over 100,000 bulbs which is a wonderful sight when driving through in the Spring.

The Town has collected $20,000 from Warrant Articles for this event, and we hope to have another Warrant Article approved each year.

We are looking forward to working with other organizations in Town, and hearing ideas from the residents.

Committee Members:

Jean Methot, Chair
Rhonda Lamphere, Treasurer
Judy Pepper, Secretary
Tim Bortz
Jack Cannon
Chris Hadik
Ed Karjala
Ed Stuart

Meeting Minutes:


300th Minutes June 14 2017

300th Minutes March 20 2017

300th Minutes February 15 2017

300th Minutes November 16 2016

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300th Minutes August 8 2016


300th Minutes June 27 2016