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President: William Sable

Vice President : Robert McConn

Secretary: Randy Kerkman

Treasurer: Andrew DiPerri

Sergeant-at-Arms: Scott Haggart

 Mission Statement –

The Chester Police Benevolent Association is a benevolent association of Police Officers of the Chester, New Hampshire Police Department.  The purpose of this organization shall be to enhance the mutual interests of both the employees of the Chester Police Department and the citizens we have sworn to protect and serve;  dedication to strengthening the partnership between the citizens of the Town of Chester, New Hampshire and the Chester Police Department; to assist in community-sponsored activities; to aid and encourage the development of youth in the belief that service to others will advance the well being of our community; and to act as a resource to the Chester Police Department and its members and families.  Our values and ethical standards are the principals guiding our mission.

Whats New –

We have continued to support Officers in Chester with purchases of needed Police equipment that may have otherwise not been available.  These items include a new radar unit for a patrol vehicle and Stop Sticks for the cruisers.  We continue our support of local youth in funding the DARE program, and assisting with materials.  We have donated to youth organizations in Chester and plan to continue our support in almost any way we can.  We also continue to support our fellow law enforcement community and their families in their greatest times of need.

The Chester Police Association has had tremendous support from the business community and citizens alike.  For this we thank you in supporting our mission to continue to make Chester New Hampshire a safe and wonderful community to live.  Your support allows us to continue to work with and assist the community in ways we might otherwise not be able too.

 2008 Fundraiser Update –

The last fundraiser that the Chester Police Benevolent Association had was for a comedy night at the Granite Rose in December of 2008.  This fund raiser was not only a good time for all who came and participated, but furthered our goals as an association.  With the funds from that fundraising, were were able to purchase four brand new Automatic External Defibrillators.  This provided the Chester Police Department with an AED for each of the front line patrol cars and one at the Police Station. 

The new AED’s have been put into action since and have paid for themselves and then some.  A special thanks to all those that donated to the fundraiser, and for assisting us in being able to better serve our community. 

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The Chester Police Benevolent Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

NH Department of Charitable Trusts Registration # 15116


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