Highway Safety Committee


Aaron Berube, Police Chief
(603) 887-2080

The Highway Safety Committee meets four times each year (February, May, August, and November) in the Meeting Room at the Municipal Complex.  The Public is welcome to attend.


Tony Amato, Maintenance
Aaron Berube, Police Chief – Chair
Greg Bolduc, Fire Chief
Myrick Bunker, Building Inspector
Marianne Duffy, Bookkeeper
Andrew Hadik, Planning Coordinator
Jean Methot, Historical Society
Scott Newnan, Fire Lieutenant – Vice-Chair
Michael Oleson, Road Agent
Dick Trask, Selectmen Liaison

Next Meeting

Wednesday, February 14th, 2018 @ 10:00 AM



11/14/2017 – Minutes still in draft form

Highway Safety Minutes August 15 2017 – Approved


Highway Safety Minutes May 16 2017 – Approved

Highway Safety Minutes February 21 2017 – Approved

Highway Safety Minutes November 29 2016 – Approved

Highway Safety Minutes August 18 2016 – Approved