Local Farms

Chester farms offer a variety of wonderful products like pies, beef, hay and animals for sale. Please support your neighbors. Listings on this page are FREE for any Chester-based farm. All links will open a new browser window.  At the end of this section, there is an  Agricultural Inventory List of Farms and Products in Chester.  Submit Information for this page – guidelines.

Spring Hill Farm: (603) 887-1030

Goal: To keep the working farm ongoing and to provide a place for Chester residents to visit and be involved in their farm. Located on Towle Road in Chester.
Jeff Geary, Chair
Brad Wamsley, Treasurer
Thomas Edwards, Public at Large
Chuck Myette, Conservation Commission Liaison
Stephen O. Landau, Selectman Liaison

Field to Fork Farm:  (603) 548-4331

Field to Fork Farm offers a variety of food, including:  certified organic eggs from free ranging hens, and meat from pastured chicken, goat and pigs.
Patrick Connelly
522 Haverhill Road
Chester, NH 03036

Folsom’s Sugar House: (603) 887-3672

Visitors Welcome! Wood-fired evaporator. Free samples. Syrup is available year round! Please call ahead for hours during sugar season.  Visit our website for more information.
Located on Candia Road.
Website: http://www.folsomsugarhouse.com

Hazelton Orchards:  (603) 867-5926

Pick your own apples, apple cider, pumpkins, gourds, cornstalks and other fall items, farmstand with apples, tree-ripened peaches and assorted produce.
Kitt Plummer
20 Harantis Lake Road
Chester, NH 03036
web:  www.hazeltonorchards.com
August thru Oct. 31st. Check website for hours.

Hillside Farm of Chester:  (603) 887-6512

We offer locally raised eggs from our flock of hens, as well as hay in both round and square bales.  From time to time, we also have natural, grass-fed beef for sale.
Ted & Terry Scott
121 Derry Road
Chester, NH 03036

Spring Hill Farm Trust:  (603) 998-7133

We care about food.  Growing, raising, producing in the most natural, sustainable, humane way possible.
We offer CSA Shares in vegetables and/or meat you can egg share on to them.  We sell off the farm, or go to our website to see what farmers’ market we are doing.

90 Towle Road
Chester, NH 03036

Millcreek Dairy:  (603) 887-MILK (6455)

Local quality goat’s milk products:photo (2)[1]

Fluid Milk, Soft Cheese, Hard Cheese and Yogurt
Handmade Goat’s Milk Soap

Jeff Geary (603) 887-MILK (6455)
217 Chester Street, Chester, NH 03036

website:  Millcreek Dairy

email:  info@millcreekdairy.com

New Hampshire CSA, LLC (NHCSA):  (603) 548-5550

Certified Organic Produce

90 Towle Road  @ Greenhouse across from Spring Hill Farm, Chester, NH 03036
email: info@NHCSA.com
website:  www.nhcsa.com

Spring Pond Farm:  (603) 887-3655 Spring Pond Farm August 2013

We offer fresh vegetables, hay and friendly service.

Clarence Ware
Spring Pond Farm
348 Raymond Road
Chester, NH 03036

Link for Alphabetical Listing of Chester Farms & Products:  Chester Agricultural Commission Farm Listing 2014