Assessor’s Office

Assessing Department:  (603) 887-4045

Jean Packard, Assistant Assessor
E-Mail :

Municipal Resources, Inc. of  Salem, NH  – Contracted Assessing Agents
Scott Marsh, Chief Certified Assessor, is available on an on-call, as needed basis.

Office hours:  Mon thru Fri 8:30am –4pm

Assessor’s Office location:  Chester Town Hall, 84 Chester St, Chester, NH  03036

The Assessing department is open during the above hours, but please call ahead to ensure availability.  Please be aware that the Assessing staff is out of the office at times to conduct property inspections and property cards may not be available immediately.  If we are unavailable, a request can be left and we will fax or e-mail upon our return to the office.

Chester’s Assessment Information is now available via the Vision Appraisal Website.  Please click on the following link to access:

Current Tax Rate 2016:  $ 23.91  per thousand
Equalization Ratio 2016:  93.9%
Zoning R1 – Minimum Lot size 2 Acres, 290’ Frontage

Chester’s Tax Maps are now on-line!  Each selection below is in a PDF format.  Click on each to view.

The PDF’s below reflect all map changes as of April 1, 2016



















Responsibilities of the Assessing Department:

  • Valuation of all properties
  • Maintenance of the Official Town Maps (Our maps are now on-line!  see above)
  • Monitoring of Current Use properties and Land Use Change Tax
  • Timbering Operations and taxation
  • Excavation Operations and taxation
  • The yearly  Inventory of Taxable Property
  • Acceptance and processing of Elderly and Disabled Exemptions, Veteran Credits and Exemptions.
  • Change of Property ownership and address changes

The Assessing department is responsible for ensuring that owners of property pay an equitable share of the tax burden based upon property assessments. When changes are made to a property that affect the value of that property, a reassessment must be made to determine the new assessment of the property.  In this way, it ensures all property owners are paying their fair and equitable share of the tax burden. Properties which have been issued building permits, those properties having incomplete construction at the time of a previous review as well as those properties which have had site changes (lot line adjustments, subdivision, etc.) are reviewed annually.

It is requested that if any of the assessors come to your property, you support the Town’s efforts to keep assessments equitable and fair by answering their questions and allowing them to measure and list (describe) your improvements. 


The filing period for abatement’s begins once the final tax bill for the year is received (usually at the end of October/beginning of November) and continues until March 1st.  If you wish to file an abatement, download and fill out the following form and return it to the assessor’s office.

abatement form

Once the abatement is received, we will contact you to make an appointment to view the interior and exterior of your property.  Once the inspection is done, the assessor will make a determination and submit it to the Board of Selectmen to render a final decision.

Elderly & Disabled Exemptions and Veterans Credits

As of 7/1/2017 The Town of Chester has adopted the “All Veteran’s Expanded Tax Credit”.  Anyone serving not less than 90 day’s of service in any branch of the military, including National Guard and Reserves, can receive the $500 Veteran’s Tax Credit.

new credit-exemption criteria

All exemption and credit applications must be received by April 15th of the tax year.  To apply for any of the exemptions and/or credits, please download and submit the following application to the assessor’s office:
Application of Exemption/Credit PA-29 form

 Intent to Cut Timber and Intent to Excavate

The forms for timber and excavation are now available electronically and the old four part forms should not be used.  The form can be filled out electronically and e-mailed, faxed or mailed back to the office.  Below is the link to download the current Intent to Cut form.

pa-7  Intent to Cut Form

Low and Moderate income homeowners property tax relief

The state of New Hampshire, Department of Revenue Administration, provides and opportunity for qualifying homeowners to receive a refund of a portion of their property taxes paid.  Homeowners who have a taxable income of:  $20,000 or less single OR $40,000 or less if married or a head of household.  More information on this state program can be found below.  See the –  Finding Dollars: NH Homeowners Property Tax Relief document below for the details of the program and also the application to apply for relief id the DP-8 form, also below.  Anyone who would like assistance with the forms or more information on the program, please call the assessing department and we will be happy to assist you.

This program is a State run program.  Applications usually become available the beginning of May.