Trustees of the Trust Funds

Trustees of the Trust Funds:  (603) 887-4161

Colin Costine, Chair – 2020
Leslie Packard – 2018

Your Trustees of Chester’s Trust Funds meet regularly throughout the year to monitor the performance of the trust funds and capital reserve funds that are invested to the benefit of various town departments and organizations. These funds are invested in accordance with the RSAs of the State of New Hampshire as well as the investment policies of the Town of Chester.

The funds that are overseen by the Trustees consist of Trust Funds and Capital Reserve Funds.

The Trust Funds, which were all funded by private donations to the specific fund, are as follows:

  • Cemetery Perpetual Care Trusts
  • Fire Department Trusts
  • Public and School Library Trusts
  • Town Poor Trusts (more commonly called the Wilcomb-Townsend Trusts)

The Capital Reserve Funds are those funds that are instituted by vote of the Town legislative body at the annual Town Meetings. They are generally used to set money aside for anticipated or unanticipated needs in order to reduce swings in the annual budget.

The current reserves and brief reason for origination are as follows, chronologically by year of inception:

  • 1991 Chester Fire Department Capital Expenditures
  • 2007 Municipal Complex Improvements Capital Expenditures
  • 2007 Wason Pond Recreation Capital Expenditures
  • 2007 Winter Road Maintenance (for heavy winter expense in order to reduce the annual budget)
  • 2008 Mosquito Trapping Capital Expenditures
  • 2008 Building Improvement Fund Capital Expenditures
  • 2008 Equipment and Vehicles Capital Expenditures
  • 2009 Revaluation Capital Expenditures
  • 2010 North Pond Rd. Upgrade Capital Expenditures
  • 2012 Unanticipated Building Maintenance (for unforeseen repairs)
  • 2013 Cemetery Maintenance Fund (to facilitate Village Cemetery Trustees bookkeeping)
  • 2013 Capital Improvement Plan (to fund the Capital Improvement Plan)
  • 2013 Commemorative Monument Fund (for a monument to highly-valued citizens)
  • 2013 300th Anniversary Fund (to fund Chester’s upcoming 300th Anniversary celebration)
  • 2015 Highway block Grant (for road maintenance)
  • 2016 Capital Improvements Program

Complete detail of all these funds is found in your Annual Town Report.