Elderly and Disabled Exemptions & Veterans Credits

Chester offers the following amounts for the State of NH Veteran credits:

     Standard Veteran and All Veteran each at $750 yearly.  Criteria is to have served at least 90 days in any branch and honorably discharged.

     Combat Service credit at $500 yearly.  Criteria is to be currently actively serving in a combat area.  Once discharged, this credit ceases and veteran's credit can be applied for.

     Totally Disabled Veteran at $4,000 yearly.  Criteria is as above for standard and all veteran's as well as being rated 100% service connected disabled per the Veteran's Administration. 

Elderly and Disabled Exemptions

There are income and asset thresholds to qualify for our elderly (over age 65)and disabled (younger than 65 but disabled via Social Security Administration)exemptions.  Single cannot make more than $40,000 yearly and married cannot make more than $60,000.  A copy of your latest Income Tax return will need to be submitted in order to verify your income. Assets cannot be in excess of $300,000.

For more information on any of the credits and exemptions, please contact Jean in the Assessing dept either via e-mail: jpackard@chesternh.org or via phone at:  603-887-3636, ext 104.  All exemption and credit applications must be received by April 15th of the tax year.  To apply for any of the exemptions and/or credits, please download and submit the following application to the assessor’s office:

Application of Exemption/Credit PA-29 form