Wason Pond Bridge

Wason Pond Bridge and Rainbow
Wason Pond Conservation & Recreation Area

In January of 2003, the Town of Chester purchased 105 acres of land surrounding Wason Pond for the sum of $1.55 million. The land was purchased with conservation funds, which had been set aside for use by the Conservation Commission to purchase properties and conservation easements.  The Conservation Commission voted to approve the expenditure in order to acquire the property for mixed conservation and recreational uses.

This recreation area, located on Raymond Road, provides the residents with a fishing spot, swim facility, an area to canoe and kayak; a place to take leisurely walks, hikes, and have picnics; a playground; fields for sports teams to play on during the warmer months; ice skating, sledding, snow-shoeing and cross-country skiing during the winter months.  The Recreation Department and Police Department hold their annual FIshing Derby - "Cops and Bobbers" - here the first weekend of June for the youth in our community, and the Chester Charitable Foundation hosts an annual obstacle race - the "Wason Pond Pounder" - here each spring.