Town Administrator Working Group being formed

The position of Town Administrator for Chester, New Hampshire, has been presented at Town Meeting for a number of years and has been voted down. At the most recent Town Meeting, the legislative body made it clear from their comments that they were not against a Town Administrator but felt the current proposal lacked a clear plan and job description. Furthermore, members of the legislative body indicated they should be part of the planning process for this position. As a result of this, the Board of Selectmen is assembling a working group to develop a detailed proposal for a Town Administrator. This group will consist of Town employees and citizens of Chester. The Town employees will provide insight into day to day operations that will indicate areas where this position is needed or might overlap with current positions. The volunteers from the legislative body will help to ensure this position is developed to address the areas that are important to the people in town. 

Those interested in participating in this process should send your name and contact information to Debra Doda at or call 603.887.4979. We would encourage anyone that might be interested to contributing to this process to submit your name and learn more. 

Board of Selectmen