Town Administrator Working Group/Screening Committee

The position of Town Administrator for Chester, New Hampshire, had been presented at Town Meeting for a number of years and had repeatedly been voted down. At Town Meeting 2018, the Legislative Body made it clear from their comments that they were not against a Town Administrator but felt the current proposal lacked a clear plan and job description. Furthermore, members of the legislative body indicated they should be part of the planning process for this position.

As a result of this, the Board of Selectmen assembled a working group to develop a detailed proposal for a Town Administrator. This group consists of Town employees and citizens of Chester. The Town employees provided insight into day to day operations to indicate areas where this position was needed or might overlap with current positions, while the volunteers from the legislative body helped ensure the position was developed to address the areas that are important to the people in town.

At Town Meeting 2019, the Legislative Body approved the establishment of the position.  

As of August 8th, 2019, the Town Administrator Working Group transformed into a Screening Committee focused on soliciting and reviewing resumes.  It must be stressed that the Screening Committee will be advisory only; the Board of Selectmen will accept their input but make the final decision as to who is hired.

Meeting dates and times are set at the convenience of the members of the members.  Please feel free to contact the Selectmen's Office if you'd like to join.