Mandatory Recycling & Other Policies

The Town has a mandatory recycling policy for users of our facility.  The policy was voted in in the 1980’s. The facility also has other policies for the delivery and handling of different recycling commodities. The intent of these policies are to save on operating costs (reduce taxes) and keep the facility running smoothly and efficiently.

If an individual does not like these policies, they should not argue them with our transfer station attendants. These folks are simply trying to do their jobs, which includes enforcing the policies. Complainants should schedule a meeting to discuss their concerns with the Board of Selectmen. 

There are also multiple options for curbside pickup of trash with or without recycling. The most commonly used local service is ABI Waste Removal, 603-625-8012.  For a list of ABI’s services go to Other waste disposal services used include Waste Management Inc. and Pinard Waste Systems.