Building Department

Building Inspection & Code Enforcement

Inspections by appointment. One day notice required for inspections. An after-hours drop is located directly to the left of the Building Department door for your convenience. Thank you! 

Online Building Permits

The button to the right will take you to the eCity website, to apply and pay for Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing or Septic Review Applications,ONLY.


  • Complete permit packet must include an official Permit application, plans drawn to scale (minimum 17″ x 22″), Site plan (may be required to be certified; minimum 17″ x 22″) which must include  locations and dimensions of all lot lines, wetlands and all setbacks; as well as any existing and proposed structures.
  • No permit is required for re-roofing when no structural changes are made.
  • No permit is required for residential door and window replacements when no structural changes are made.

…”Neither the review of any plan by officials of the Town, nor any subsequent inspection of the premises, should be relied upon as an assurance of conformity to legal requirements. The applicant shall remain fully responsible for complying with all applicable state or local laws, ordinances, regulations or conditions.”

Public Notice

The information on this page is intended for use within the Town of Chester. Please be sure to check with your local authority having jurisdiction before relying upon the content of these informational sheets when used in other communities. Should you have questions regarding the building code, consult with your local Building Department. The Building Department can and should be your best source of code information.

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Staff Contacts

Name Title
Myrick Bunker Building Official/Code Enforcement
Caroline Wilson Administrative Assistant, Permit Tech, Notary Public
Cass Buckley Selectmen's Liaison