Wason Pond Conservation & Recreation Commission

Wason Pond

In January of 2003, the Town of Chester purchased (with conservation funds) 105 acres of land surrounding Wason Pond for mixed conservation and recreational uses. A seven-person advisory committee oversaw the writing of the conservation easement, which has been placed on the property to protect it from future development or from activities or uses that would be out of keeping with accepted conservation practices.

The committee also hired E. Ann Poole to draft a Master Plan for the property. This Plan outlines the development of ball fields, the reclamation and restoration of the shorelines, wetlands, and other environmentally sensitive areas. Once this committee had completed its tasks, it was disbanded and replaced by the Wason Pond Conservation and Recreation Commission.

Board Members

Name Title
Chuck Myette Acting Chair, Conservation (2018)
Kevin Kistler Recreation (2018)
Leslie Hammond Recreation (2019)
Herb Rowell Member At Large (2019)
Chris Hadik Treasurer, Member At Large (2020)
John Dalrymple Alternate (2020)
Darrell F. Quinn Alternate (2020)
Stephen O. Landau Selectmen's Liaison