Assessing Department

Inventory of Taxable property forms have been mailed to all property owners in Chester.  The completed forms are due back by April 15, 2018.  If you have any question, or have not received your form, please call or e-mail the department for a replacement form.

The Assessing Department is responsible for the following:

  • Valuation of all properties
  • Maintenance of the Official Town Maps (Our maps are now on-line!  see above)
  • Monitoring of Current Use properties and Land Use Change Tax
  • Timbering Operations and taxation
  • Excavation Operations and taxation
  • The yearly mailing and processing of the Inventory of Taxable Property forms
  • Acceptance and processing of Elderly and Disabled Exemptions, Veteran Credits and Exemptions.
  • Change of Property ownership and address changes

The Assessing department is responsible for ensuring that owners of property pay an equitable share of the tax burden based upon property assessments. When changes are made to a property that affect the value of that property, a reassessment must be made to determine the new assessment of the property. 

In this way, it ensures all property owners are paying their fair and equitable share of the tax burden. Properties which have been issued building permits, those properties having incomplete construction at the time of a previous review as well as those properties which have had site changes (lot line adjustments, subdivision, etc.) are reviewed annually.

It is requested that if any of the assessors come to your property, you support the Town’s efforts to keep assessments equitable and fair by answering their questions and allowing them to measure and list (describe) your improvements. 

Staff Contacts

Name Title
Jean Packard Assistant Assessor
Municipal Resources, Inc. Contracted Assessing Agents- Salem, NH
Cass Buckley Selectmen's Liaison