Current Rates, Ratio and Revaluation Information

Current Tax Rate 2023$23.20 per thousand
Equalization Ratio 202268%
Zoning R1Minimum Lot Size 2 Acres, 290’ Frontage

Chester has contracted with Municipal Resources, Inc. to perform a town-wide statistical revaluation of all property to be completed by  September 2024.  More information on the details and a timeline of events will be announced in December.
The town last underwent a Town-Wide Statistical revaluation effective as of 9/1/2019.  Per RSA 75:8-a we are required to revalue at least every five years.


RSA 75:8-a

The State of NH requires each city or town to conduct a revaluation update at least every 5 years, per RSA 75:8-a; “The assessors and/or selectmen shall reappraise all real estate within the municipality so that the assessments are at full and true value at least as often as every fifth year...”.


Chester’s Tax Maps are now on-line and in GIS format! 

Please visit our now on-line GIS mapping site: