Vehicle Registration

You must present your Driver’s License for all in person DMV transactions per State requirements.

First Time Registration of a New or “New to You” Vehicle

Registration of vehicles purchased through private sale or from a non-NH dealer must be done in person by all owners listed on the title/bill of sale.

An owner’s family member may register a new vehicle if a NH lienholder or a NH dealer has supplied a blue NH State form called a Certificate of Title Application(CTA). Family members must have permission from the primary owner listed on the CTA. The state requires the use of the Permission to Register Vehicle Form which must be fully completed by the vehicle owner and specify the type of plate to be issued. (The requirement for a blue CTA and permission also applies to family members doing transfers as listed below.)

To transfer a plate to another vehicle:
  • The primary owner of the old vehicle and the primary owner of the new vehicle must be the same.
  • You must have the original current registration for the vehicle you are taking off the road. Copies will not be accepted. This gets surrendered at the time of the transfer.
  • You must have the proper proof of ownership for the new vehicle.
To renew your vehicle registration, you must have one of the following:
  • The previous registration, per RSA 261:148, or
  • The mail-in renewal notice sent to you by this office.

Renewals may be done in person by the owner’s family members. No permission form is needed.

Online Registration Renewals

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