Facility Information - More Tips from an Expert

  • This is a true Transfer Station - a drop-off type facility rather than a landfill.
  • The Town has a mandatory clear (transparent) plastic bag policy for the solid waste compactor.  White bags do not comply with the clear bag policy!
  • The Town has a mandatory recycling policy for our facility.  The recycling separation categories in the barn are:  corrugated cardboard, mixed paper, metal cans (cat food, beans, etc.), glass, aluminum cans (soda, beer, etc.), and plastics (#1, #2, #5, and #7).  Scrap metal is in a roll-off outside of the barn.
  • Please pre-sort your recyclables and bring them to the Transfer Station in separate containers.  This expedites the process greatly, helps reduce wait time for those following you, and allows our attendants to assist you more easily. 
  • The words of the day are "crush" and "break down".  Please rinse your plastic bottles and jugs before bringing them to the facility. Both metal and aluminum cans should be rinsed and crushed at home to save time, space, and money.  Please break down all corrugated cardboard boxes - they fit into the compactor (and your car!) better that way.
  • Confused if your glass is recyclable?  An expert says, "the only glass that is recycled are the containers that take a lid".  So no light bulbs, etc.
  • Scrap metal:  as long as the product is at least 50% metal by weight, it goes in the metal roll-off.  Examples:  ice skates, tools with wooden handles, etc.
  • The facility collects used motor oil and hydraulic & transmission oils; however, no other types of automotive fluids are collected.  Please take fluids such as antifreeze to an appropriate disposal facility, or dispose of during the two semi-annual Household Hazardous Waste Days.
  • The facility accepts automotive batteries and all other types of batteries (no user fee required.)
  • The facility accepts electronics such as TVs, computers, monitors, and printers (nominal user fee to defray the cost of recycling.)
  • The facility accepts propane tanks (nominal user fee to defray the cost of recycling.)  Please remove the valves in advance.
  • The facility accepts tires (nominal user fee to defray the cost of recycling.)  Tires on rims are accepted; however, the user fee is slightly higher.
  • The facility accepts Freon-containing appliances (nominal user fee to defray the cost of recycling.)  
  • There is a compost pile for yard waste such as leaves and kitchen vegetative organics.  Did you know that New Hampshire state statutes prohibit the disposal of yard waste into the compactor?
  • Per NH-DES regulations, dog & cat waste must be bagged and disposed of in the solid waste compactor.
  • Per NH-DES regulations, there is a burn pile for brush, branches not exceeding 5 inches in diameter, and clean uncontaminated lumber.  Painted, stained, oiled or glued lumber, and laminates such as plywood are prohibited - please take those to the Raymond Transfer Station.
  • The facility does not accept any construction demolition materials.  Construction demolition materials can be disposed of at the  Raymond Transfer Station (603-895-6273.)  This facility is only 3.5 miles from our facility, and is located in Raymond at 104 Prescott Road (off Route 107.) 
  • Facility use permits (window decals) are available at the Transfer Station.

Transfer Station Recycling Sheet rev. 11.2021

FYI, Clear trash bags can be purchased at Hannaford, Wal*Mart, Lowe’s, Market Basket, BJs, Amazon, eBay and many other locations.  We also sell them in the office, if you can't find them anywhere else.